the second year

The good thing about having already done the seemingly impossible is that everything else feels like it has to be more manageable by default!

Last year our 2,450 ft 11-row swale installation and planting of 450+ fruit and nut trees and shrubs was only possible because we didn’t know it wasn’t!  This year, we have the far more attainable task of digging two more swales and planting a little over 200 new young trees.  Still, new challenges lay ahead of us: keeping up with the vigorous brambles and regrowth, diversifying our plantings, building our greenhouse/barn, and starting the foundation work for our house.

With two work parties already behind us we are well positioned to sail through our second spring, thanks to the help and motivation of neighbors and friends, new and old.  We hope the spring rains come gently interspersed with some good sun and breeze so the backhoe doesn’t get too stuck in the mud!  With a little luck, focus and determination, we’ll be well positioned for a fabulous second year full of new experiments, ideas, mishaps, and stories for the history books.  Happy May Day everyone!

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