the end is the beginning


There are no words.

In less than a week, you have helped us surpass our campaign funding goal!  What happens when you fear your expectations are too high, and then you find out they weren’t high enough?  We are in awe.  We’ve experienced some beautiful things in our lives, but this is pure fire.  We have what we need now, not just in dollars, but in strength, conviction, and hope to continue down this path.  Who needs banks when you have community!

Your investment in our work is what makes this real.  This is not just dreamwork, this is real food, real wisdom, and real power.  Without you, it wouldn’t be the same.  Regenerative agriculture is about land, but it is also about people changing the way we see and interact with land together.  We are so excited to dig into this work, and share our journey with you!

Thank you for your kindness, your generosity, your support.  Our gratitude is vast and unspeakable.

The revolution is here!



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