we’re planting trees!

Hi Everyone,

We have been hard at work digging our new contour swales and mulching them with woodchips, and the end is in sight. We are almost done! Huge thanks to everyone who has helped out so far and now comes the fun part!

We have 413 new bare-root nut and companion trees that need to be planted and we have 11 large earthen berms varying in length from 150′ – 415′ totaling somewhere in the range of 2400 linear ft of berm to plant into. We also have 1+ yard of rich compost, a bag of brix blend basalt rock dust, and some mycorizal innoculent for the tree roots.

We are hoping that people will show up excited to dig small planting holes, mix in compost, innoculate the tree roots and tuck the trees gently into their homes atop beautiful hugel berms.

Thank you all in advance, we will have food and refreshments throughout the day and more with homebrew mead and cider when we are finished ^^

Tree Planting Work Party!
Saturday, May 21 2-7pm at Nutwood Farm
76 Porter Hill Rd, Cummington, MA


Go nuts! Happy planting!


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