broadacre earthworks

Friday-Saturday, April 29-30th | 9am-5pm

Greetings permafriends!

We are getting ready to install a series of contour swales across two acres of our new property in Cummington, MA in preparation for a large-scale planting of hybrid hazelnuts, chestnuts, and other mixed perennial edible trees and shrubs.  We are looking for enthusiastic helpers to cut their pdc teeth or hone their skills in marking 200+’ contour lines, digging swales (with the help of a mini-trac excavator), and leveling and mulching berms for edible hedgerows and alley crops on a budding permaculture nut farm in the hilltowns.

Come be a part of an exciting new project in our region to bring more local hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, stone pine nuts, and much more to our local food shed.  Sara and Kalyan are both novice and avid permaculturists finally putting down roots in our local community.  We are looking to create an ecologically integrated 7-acre farm and homestead that builds on many of the best ideas of our generation to serve as our “proving ground” for the kind of local abundance that we know is within our collective grasp.  We are also adventurously exploring the viability of growing perennial and staple foods – hazelnut oil, hazelnut butter, chestnut flour, short grain rice, etc. –  on a small commercial scale to support the growth and adaptation of these resonant agricultural practices that build soil, sequester carbon, clean the air, and retain water in the landscape.

Join and learn with us as we transform this land into a farm and forest of food.  RSVP to nutwoodfarmers at gmail dot com or call, or just show up!  Friday and Saturday all day, April 29th & 30th, at 76 Porter Hill Rd, near the Fairgrounds in Cummington, MA.  ALL hands are welcome, there will be many kinds of tasks and revelry to partake in; potluck lunch if you can (gf + v options appreciated); good footwear, hats and gloves recommended.  Call with any questions; See you there!

Kalyan & Sara
Nutwood Farm
PO Box 38 | 76 Porter Hill Road
Cummington, MA 01026


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