Hazelnut Harvesting & Processing Intensive – Fall 2021

Nutwood Farm | Cummington, MA

Nut Farm Internship Opportunity: Hazelnut Harvesting and Processing Intensive

Fall 2021

Dates: September 1 – October 15, 2021 (minimum commitment is 3 weeks)

Accommodations: Camping platform

Food: Provided (can accommodate most diets)

Stipend: $50/week

Nutwood Farm seeks 1 or 2 interns this fall for a 3-6 week nut harvesting and processing intensive.  The interns will be highly involved in all aspects of the harvest including assessing the field for readiness, hand harvesting, drying, and mechanically husking, sorting and shelling.  This highly educational opportunity will cover additional topics such as site preparation, planting, and cultivating hazelnuts, and will prepare you for establishing a small commercial hazelnut orchard of your own.

Interns will be expected to work 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, rain or shine.  All meals can be provided with most diets accommodated.  Tent platform overlooking the orchard is available for camping.  No pets, please. 

Nutwood Farm is a diverse ecological farm cultivating a wide variety of edible perennial nuts, fruits, and herbs. Our goal is to produce nutrient dense foods that will regenerate the soil, enliven our bodies, and enrich our community.  Nutwood Farm is part of the leading forefront of small new innovative farms redefining agriculture and shaping the next generation of an appropriately scaled community-based ecologically sound and regenerative food system.

To apply, please email Seva at nutwoodfarmers@gmail.com.  Please include any relevant experience and what you hope to learn through this internship.

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