Soil is the foundation of health for everything.  It is teeming with microbes that move the building blocks of life through various chemical and biological states; an ever churning cycle of birth, death and decay.  Without a thriving soil food web, plants will not develop nutrient density and will succumb to nature’s clean-up crews.  As we work to transform a marginal piece of land into a productive food forest, we hope to share the quantitative data we collect to track our progress of regenerating optimal soil health for our trees and the food we grow.

Using the NRCS Web Soil Survey, we obtained basic information in 2015 about the geology and hydrology of our soils.  We primarily have well-drained fine sandy loam, with a depth of around 5ft and a high water table.  Our land is gently sloping with plenty of rocks, lodgement till derived from granite and gneiss.


We conducted our baseline soil biology and chemistry tests in July 2017 through Harrington’s Soil Laboratory in CT.  Below are the results and a corresponding map showing the sample locations.  Thank you to CISA for their support and assistance in this critical piece of our education and farm development.


Soil Sample Locations

LOWER BIO – Quantitative Soil Assay

LOWER CHEM – Basic Chem+

UPPER BIO – Quantitative Soil Assay

UPPER CHEM – Basic Chem+


We look forward to tracking the changes in our soil over time and will post all our future test results here!