A Regenerative Investment

Nutwood Farm seeks friends and community members near and far to cooperatively finance the holistic development of our small commercial nut farm, including the construction of an ecologically innovative and integrated family habitat.  The project is much more than a house, combining non-toxic natural and green building techniques with necessary farm infrastructure components including geothermal food storage, dry sheds, an open kitchen, and a retreat space.  It seeks to embody the principles of whole systems design, placing its farmer-dwellers into the land as stewards fully invested and committed to living in partnership with the cycles and symbiosis of our surroundings.  We understand that the source and solution to human dis-ease lies in re-embedding: taking full responsibility for the vitality of the soil and the diversity of life around us.  This dwelling will give us the opportunity to live our values fully and share our experience with others who are just as curious and compelled.

west_view   south_view

The Nutwood Habitat was designed by Kalyan and engineered by Chris Vreeland, PE of PrecisionDecision, LLC.  It is a round faceted timber frame with strawbale insulation, a 3,000 gallon thermal storage tank, and a geodesic greenhouse on the south side.  The primary labor will be provided by Kalyan and Seva, and all materials will be sourced as green and locally as possible.

Construction began in June 2018 and will finish in November 2020.  The total financing still needed is $275,000 which also includes secure financing for our 7-acre farm.

For more information about regenerative financing, we encourage you to refer to the values outlined by Movement Generation and the Climate Justice Alliance.  Unlike traditional financing, this model seeks to affirm the deep importance of small, local, social and ecologically responsible businesses that shift our resources away from extractive industries and profit-driven corporations to a new economy based on soil, carbon, water, and cooperation.  It democratizes financial capital and builds sound relationships between real people, unraveling the social inequities that keep us from working together to accomplish true and lasting change in our social and economic systems.  Our commitment to these values can be read here.

To make an inquiry or offer, please call us at (413) 834-1437 or email nutwoodfarmers[at]gmail.com.  We will happily arrange to speak with you in person to discuss the full terms and conditions of your loan, large or small.

Thank you for your interest in supporting regenerative entrepreneurship by growing soil, increasing ecological diversity, and building true wealth again from the ground up.